(LINCOLN, NE) – Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Matt Innis, said today it’s not a surprise that Ben Sasse is not endorsing President Donald Trump’s re-election for President. But, the explanation Sasse’s staff gave for not supporting President Trump is misleading Nebraskans, Matt Innis said.

In an Omaha World-Herald article, titled, “One name missing as top Nebraska Republicans sign on to help Trump’s reelection effort,” published August 31, 2019, Sasse spokesman James Wegmann said the senator declined to be on President Trump’s state chair list because “we were told that being on the list would amount to a pledge to never disagree.” That explanation is false.

“I’ve talked to other members of our federal delegation who are gladly endorsing President Trump and they said there was no pledge to never disagree with the President,” said Matt Innis. “After the horrible things Senator Sasse has said about President Trump and the Republican Party, it’s not surprising he’s not going to endorse our Republican nominee for President. It’s more surprising that he’s still running for Senate as a Republican and having his staff put out false and misleading statements to his constituents. Sasse hasn’t taken any questions from the media or the public at his photo-ops so far in this campaign, and he should be embarrassed at forcing a staffer to explain the unexplainable while he hides in his big bus,” Innis said.

Sasse has previously said he thinks about leaving the Republican Party every day, and said he doesn’t want to be in a political party headed by Donald Trump. Matt Innis has said he will gladly support President Trump for President in 2020.

“Candidates can support whomever they want for various offices,” Innis said. “A clear difference between my opponent and me is that he won’t support our Republican candidate for President and I will. Nebraskans should consider that when they go to the polls and vote for a Republican for U.S. Senate in May of 2020,” Innis said.

Matt Innis is a former Chairman of the Lancaster County Republican party. He is a small businessman who lives in Lincoln.

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