(LINCOLN, NE) – Matt Innis commended four of Nebraska’s five members of our Congressional delegation for passing the bill that would ensure paid leave benefits to many Nebraskans in light of the outbreak of the coronavirus that is having devastating effects on jobs and the labor market in Nebraska and the entire country.  Only Innis’s opponent, Ben Sasse, voted against the measure.  Sasse was one of only 8 senators to oppose the bill that would have provided some security and stability.

“These are unprecedented times, and unfortunately these times call for unprecedented measures,” Innis said.  “This is the first – and very important – step in providing some stability and security for Nebraska’s working families, and Ben Sasse was on the wrong side of this issue by voting against Nebraska workers.  I commend the other four members of our federal delegation in the House and Senate for supporting this vital piece of legislation crucial to providing some peace of mind for Nebraska workers.  It is a shame Ben Sasse voted against Nebraska workers and President Trump on this issue,” Innis said.

Congress is working on other measures to address the devastating effects of the coronavirus on the nation’s economy, but this bill was an important first step.  Senator Deb Fischer, and Reps. Jeff Fortenberry, Adrian Smith and Don Bacon all supported the bi-partisan measure passed by both Houses of Congress and is now sent to President Trump for his signature.  President Trump has indicated he will sign the legislation.

“Ben Sasse is more concerned with his standing with the groups in Washington who donate to his campaign rather than with working Nebraskans,” Innis said.  “I’ve been hearing that all over the state as I travel around listening to Nebraskans’ concerns.”

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