Matt’s Interview on KNOP News; also featured in the North Platte, NE newspaper.

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – There’s a Republican challenger running against Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse. Matt Innis is running in the 2020 primary.

A cornerstone of Innis’ campaign is making sure whoever is in the senator’s seat is representing Nebraska to the best of their ability.

Innis said he prioritizes being involved in rural communities and small businesses, making sure he meets their needs both in Washington and in the home state.

“I actually want to represent Nebraska. I want to be part of the different communities of Nebraska. I want to listen to Nebraskans. I want to go to Washington and actually represent the people and not myself,” Innis said. “I have no intention on writing books, I have no intention on going and giving a million speeches or making millions of dollars. I want to go to Washington to represent Nebraska and to serve Nebraskans.”

A large focus for him is also placed on supporting agriculture. He has already traveled to several different communities while on the campaign trail.–564749742.html

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