One of the most egregious issues for our ranchers in Nebraska is the flawed decision on Country Of Origin Labeling for U.S. meat products, or COOL. We have COOL labeling on dog food and dog toys but not on our meat. Under pressure from the Obama administration and the World Trade Organization (WTO) my opponent, Sen. Ben Sasse, was one of the first politicians to cave to outside pressure and co-sponsored the repeal of COOL in the Senate. Instead of standing up for America and our livestock families in Nebraska and challenging the WTO, he let other countries dictate our food safety and security policies. If elected, I will push President Trump to challenge the WTO’s threats and give America the authority to control our own food safety and security by supporting COOL. Supporting our farmers and ranchers is a top priority for any Nebraska representative. I will proudly serve on the Senate Agriculture Committee, unlike my opponent who abandoned Nebraska’s farmers and quit the Agriculture Committee for what he thought was a more “glamorous” committee.

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