Innis Official Filing RLS 20-02-25


CONTACT: Matt Innis Tuesday, February 25, 2020 (402) 416-6777

(LINCOLN, NE) – Matt Innis, Republican candidate for United States Senate, filed for office today to run against Ben Sasse. Innis has been campaigning for months throughout Nebraska and gaining support everywhere he goes, especially in rural Nebraska.


“Ben Sasse quit the Senate Agriculture Committee abandoning Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers. His endorsement by three ranchers and the corporate-run Nebraska Farm Bureau doesn’t reflect the huge support our campaign has in rural Nebraska,” Innis said.

“We’re putting our yard signs throughout Nebraska as fast as we can print them. We’re getting more donations every day as Nebraskans focus on this race and learn more about how Ben Sasse will not vote for President Trump in 2020. Ben Sasse still wakes up every day and thinks about leaving the Republican Party because he can’t imagine being in a party led by President Trump. I’m not that kind of Republican, and we’re finding most Nebraskan’s are not either,” Innis said.

“I’ll be proud to serve on the Senate Agriculture Committee. I’m proud to support President Trump’s re-election. And, most importantly, I’ll be traveling to all parts of Nebraska personally, instead of my opponent who sends an empty bus around the state to pretend like he’s there,” Innis said.

“Ben Sasse can show TV ads all day long about how he’s shoveling what he says reminds him of Washington, but he gets most of his donations from Washington. Nebraskans see the truth: That Ben Sasse is shoveling that manure into his $3 million campaign account to buy ads to fool Nebraskans. It won’t work. We’re gaining support every day,” Innis said.

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