Matt Innis, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate running against incumbent Ben Sasse, received endorsements from two key county GOP parties.  Scottsbluff and Lincoln Counties both endorsed Innis this weekend.

“All of the work we’ve been doing in rural Nebraska is paying off as people get to know me and my name gets out to Republican voters,” Innis said.  “My conservative message and the fact that I am the only candidate in the race voting for President Trump makes a huge difference to voters across Nebraska.  My support of farmers and ranchers, when my opponent abandoned them and quit the Senate Agriculture Committee after just two years, also has Republican voters excited about supporting my candidacy,” Innis said.

Innis has been gaining support throughout Nebraska, but especially in the critical, heavily-Republican Third Congressional District.  It is estimated that up to 50% of the Republican Primary vote will come from the Third Congressional District.  Innis has been traveling throughout the district listening to voters and answering their questions.  His opponent has hardly been seen in rural Nebraska for years according to voters.  

The support for Innis in Lincoln County, which includes the city of North Platte, was unanimous.  The Lincoln County Resolution endorsing Innis read, in part: “Matt Innis, having expressed strong support of our Republican President, Donald Trump; and a commitment to maintaining an active and ongoing conversation with the citizens of the State of Nebraska; is hereby endorsed by the Lincoln County GOP Convention this March 15, 2020, as the Republican Senatorial Candidate in the Nebraska Primary Senate Election.”

“We’re building everything in our campaign to peak in May and this is yet another sign that our campaign is gaining strength.  As we head into the final two months of campaigning, we definitely have momentum with the grassroots in the Republican Party,” Innis said.

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