(LINCOLN, NE) – Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Matt Innis, today blasted incumbent Ben Sasse for his apparent flip-flop on aid packages considered by Congress to deal with effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Last week, Congress passed a $100 billion initial aid package and Sasse was one of only eight U.S. Senators to vote against that package.  Every other Republican member of Nebraska’s Congressional delegation voted for that bill.  But Sasse today called for Democrats to support a 2$ trillion spending bill.

“Ben Sasse opposed last week’s $100 billion bill by saying it was like ‘shoveling money out of a helicopter’ when that bill provided necessary initial help to respond to the virus,” Matt Innis said.  “Sasse voted against that bill because he felt he had to stay pure to the special interests in Washington, DC supporting his campaign.  But after getting criticized brutally throughout social media, he flip-flops and calls on Democrats to support a $2 trillion spending bill that has way more pork in it than the bill he opposed had in it,” Innis said.

The $100 billion initial package included a vital extension of unemployment benefits in this time of economic crisis for many Nebraska workers.  The bill also included additional money for COVID-19 testing, health care worker protections and additional food assistance funding.

“This is the kind of hypocrisy in DC-type politicians that Nebraskans can’t stand,” Innis said.  “Ben Sasse abandoned Nebraskans on the first aid package just like he abandoned the Senate Ag Committee after two years.  After getting criticized, he’s playing a perfect finger-in-the-wind politician and flip-flopping.  This is not the kind of representation Nebraskans need in the U.S. Senate,” Innis said.

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